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10 June 2011


               I’ve always wondered how to write Haiku Poetry. Since I am trying to shake off my lazy bum attitude and do some productive work for this fandom, I decided to go online and search for some guide on Haiku Poetry. I found a really good one that I will link at the end of this compendium, and if you want to try and do some yourself let me know if it was my attempt what encouraged you.

English is not my native language, so it might show with some metaphors. Now enough of talking and on with the Haikus! I will give you extra points if you can pin-point which character of the show I am referring to. The first Haikus are fairly easy, but then I made things more complex.

By the way, I am totally doing this to get that Achievement in Equestria Daily XD.

Summer day ablaze.
Rainbow Dash moves a few clouds,
Everything cools down.

The smell of apples,
floats across the apple farm,
until they get bucked.

Glittery silk folds,
Making shapes under the light.
Mostly inspiring.

Banished to the moon,
I was feeling so lonely,
but not anymore.

Muffins, I love them!
They are so good and tasty,
Is that thing a wall?

Her cheer was quite weak.
She saw Rainbow Dash succeed.
Now it’s very strong.

Life is a party.
So don’t leave Pinkie alone,
just give her a hug.

The Palace is cold.
Bringing up the Sun early,
so it gets warmer.

Squeaky symphonies,
She remixes with passion,
into works of art.

In the candle light,
with a good book in my hooves,
acquiring knowledge.

She is half and half,
but she is incomplete now,
and she is to blame.

And here’s all of them for now. I didn’t write more but I don’t discard doing this again in the future. It’s oddly addictive and easy to do. If you have five minutes every day, I recommend you try it and do one or two.

It will sooth your nerves,
also put your soul at peace.
Watch out for your boss.

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