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28 May 2014


Yeah, I don't think you guys are really freaking out about me not posting the remaining reviews for the episodes of Season 4 that came right after "Somepony to Watch Over Me", but I'm afraid those are still going to take a while to be produced.

You guessed it, this is another rumor control post! I'm sorry everyone, but I haven't had time to do one of these before. Why? Find the reason after the break!

1 April 2014


You might have noticed that I haven't reviewed anything for three weeks. I am pretty sure those of you who loyally check this website every week expecting a review have to be disappointed and for that I apologize. It's kind of interesting how the lack of breaks in between episodes can end up tiring someone out of a TV show, especially when his occupation is somewhat related to it. Below the break follows a rather wordy explanation about where I've been, where I am going, and what you can expect in the future, as well as a longer list of reasons for why I have been absent the past few weeks. I won't make you wait any longer so feel free to head down and start reading.

12 March 2014

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic "Somepony to Watch Over Me"

I guess sometimes people can be wrong about their assumptions. I originally thought that removing the little summary at the start of the review would speed things out and would make the reviewing process a lot less muddy for me, as if I was going to breeze through the writing like it was nobody’s business. This will not always apply, though. So I have decided to do the little summaries before the real review starts on those episodes where they are necessary. Some episodes will need them, and others will not, and others I will be too wrapped up in details to even do them anyways. This week’s episode is going to have one, and the intro will be about this because I have also made the wrong assumption that I was going to have enough subjects to talk about before starting the review. It’s kind of disappointing to run out of topics, but it’s even more disappointing to stop a tradition that’s over three years old just because I get angry at the Brony Analysts, my commission queue, the pressure from the banks, or just sheer laziness.

4 March 2014

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic "It Ain't Easy Being Breezies"

You people must all be Breezies. No, really, follow me on this. A few weeks ago I post an entry and I say I 
am going to be taking a break since I just can’t keep up doing these reviews and finishing my commissions. That one post gets flooded with people begging me to go back, for some reason or something. So I do, and I write another episode review the next week, though I end up noticing that the summaries take too much time to write. Some of you mention I could skip the summaries as they aren't really necessary to get to the review part. So for the next one I decide to skip the summary and go straight to what I liked and disliked of the episode. And what do I find? People complaining that they miss the summaries! I seriously can’t understand how SEGA has managed to put up with a similar behavior for over two decades, but the thing is that I don’t know how SeaBreeze has managed to put up with his squad of Breezies for so long either. For spoilers sake I am not going to say what happens in this episode right in the intro, but I have to mention how fickle and weak is the will of these Breezies and how more than once they made me want to smack their adorable, tiny faces. But this is not a place for opinions, it’s a place for intros. I am also skipping the summary for this week’s episode, and for the following ones. I am sticking to this shorter, more manageable style of reviews for the sake of my productivity and your time.

26 February 2014

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic "Twilight Time"

Last week I was talking about how it was going to be really hard for me not to make a summary of the plot before jumping into the review of the episode. Once again, I prove myself to be an idiot. I don’t think I will be submitting you guys to episode summaries for a while. I've discovered with terrifying dread that, every time I sum up an episode in one of these reviews, I abuse the terms “as it turns out”, “and then”, “the following”, “in the next scene” or “what happens next”. It’s boring, it’s robotic, and some of you don’t even need it. I am pretty sure nobody reads these reviews without watching the episode first, and it’s going to save the both of us a lot of time. You don’t need to read my pointless summary and I don’t need to write one. This means I’ll have to sacrifice my “oh so witty” comments in each one of the acts, but I’m pretty sure you guys won’t even notice. I can only come up with so many jokes before I resort to quoting Top Gear in every screen cap that I use.

16 February 2014

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic "Filli Vanilli"

Wow. Look at that response. You see, I think this is where I was coming from when I wrote that Little announcement about me stopping the episode reviews after “Simple Ways”. It had nothing to do with how much hatred was being spewed by the Brony Analyst community, it was because I felt like I was writing these reviews for just three people. My announcement about me quitting got more comments than last week’s review! It’s kind of frustrating to do something when it feels like nobody is watching. I love doing these reviews, I love to hear your feedback, and I love reading your comments, whether you agree with me or not. I don’t get anything out of doing this. I don’t have a partnership with Google. I don’t have ads on my blog. I don’t get revenue from visits. I literally do this for free. I don’t beg anybody at the end of my reviews to go to my Patreon account, because I don’t need to. I get my revenue from doing artwork and taking commissions, and so far I’m doing great! I do these reviews out of the passion I have for this show, but it feels like I am wasting it when all I get are two or three comments from the same people. I now know that more of you are watching, and I want to see you all participating in the upcoming reviews. I’m not super popular, and I don’t have a thousand followers, but I have you guys, and I like to know what you think.

12 February 2014


Hello there guys.

I've been writing reviews for new episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic since the finale of Season 1, that is I've been writing reviews since "The Best Night Ever" first aired. Ever since I've maintained a fairly positive attitude that has followed me up until today, and I have the feeling it's going to continue like this for a while.

However, I am going to stop doing episode reviews for a while, and there are a couple of reasons for this.

11 February 2014

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic "Simple Ways"

Once upon a time I was part of the furry fandom. It was a dark and damp time during which a lot of Rule 34 was drawn and drama knocked at the doors of my gallery every week. It was also a time filled with self-righteous assholes coming at me and telling me that the way I was doing things was wrong. At least once a month during ten years I always had someone coming to my VLC gallery or to my FurAffinity gallery with a list of complains and a handful of pictures with red traces on them, to show me how to properly do anatomy. I wasn’t that confident back then, so I followed all of their advices as they shouted at me through the power of caps lock, and always the result that I ended up with looked nothing like what I had produced. It looked like someone had shat it through a Rob Liefeld generator, and it had the exact same aesthetic as what every popular artist was drawing at the moment.

That’s when I realized that doing what other people tell you to do only works on two cases: With truths that are universal (like telling the difference between “you’re” and “your”), and when they are paying you for it. Even with the last one there are some things you shouldn't be forced to cope with. You don’t need to change anything about yourself just because you want to appeal to other people. You have to be who you are, with all your flaws and all your virtues, and if you try to change because you want to make other people happy, then you are hurting yourself more than you can imagine.

4 February 2014

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic "Pinkie Pride"

It’s very easy to forget where you come from when you are so focused on what you are doing at the moment. It’s funny how this fandom usually forgets that it has its origins in one of the absolute worst places in the internet, yet the positive and helpful stuff that comes out of it still tramples over everything negative we do. It’s kind of a loaded argument to use, especially coming from a guy who was stuck in the furry fandom for eleven years until he realized that it was the closest one could find to a furnace full of ungrateful drama-loving douche-nozzles. My attitude towards this fandom has always been positive, and it still is despite all the bad that’s been hitting us lately, so no matter how hard others try I will still see this fandom as the best fandom I've ever been in. However, it is clear that many times we forget what inspired its creation. Why are we here? Why are we called Bronies? Why do we rush to our TVs and PC monitors every Saturday just to watch these pastel colored tiny talking horses prance around a non-existent land called Equestria ruled by two flying unicorn sisters that control the Sun and the Moon? And why do we still try to make sense of things like figuring out how old is Rainbow Dash? I never lost track of where we come from. We are basically new to the scene, yet we are as integrated and normal as every other fandom out there. So what gives us our personality and makes us stand out above everyone else?

28 January 2014

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic "Three's a Crowd"

When it comes to TV shows, Movies, books, comics, videogames, and every type of entertainment out there one of the most important things is setting. The world that the stories and characters are contained in is really important and it might be a key factor that can either keep the viewer’s immersion intact or it can shatter it like a sledgehammer. There have been many TV shows that ended up going down the drain almost exclusive because of poorly constructed and even worse developed setting. One of the biggest offenders when it comes to that is the TV series “24” which, during the first six seasons of its 8 seasons run, tried to sell us that Los Angeles was the international hub for terrorist activities in the whole World. It was always under the threat of president assassination attempts, nuclear bombs, viruses, nuclear bombs, nerve gas and nuclear bombs (one would think the writers for this fucking show were still shell-shocked after the Cold War or something). With such a poor setting filled with even more pauper stories and characters what we got was an insipid pile of unbearable bullshit that falls apart after a second viewing. Nowadays “24” is regarded as one of the most ridiculous TV series ever put together due to its repetitive nature and worthless socio-political commentary. Setting is the factor that differentiates a good TV show from a bad TV show, because with a good setting you can get away with pretty much anything to the point that you can allow yourself to write stories about nothing. TV series like “Scrubs”, “Arrested Development”, “Community” or “The Office” can get away with any kind of story, because their setting it really creative and their characters are really good. When you have very well developed and very likable characters and a very well developed world with an established set of rules, you can allow yourself to come up with ridiculous or simplistic stories that break these rules. Let’s take for example (and to segue into Ponies) the IDW MLP Comics Issues #9 and #10, also known as “Zen and the Art of Gazebo Repair” where Big Macintosh ventures himself in the perilous quest for a box of nails. It’s probably one of the most original, non-pretentious, downright funny and narratively artistic exercises I have ever read in a comic. I was wondering if My Little Pony (the TV Show) was ever going to be so brave as to do something like this. Did they do it in this week’s episode? Let’s find out.