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30 August 2011

What's this!? Pinkie Pie all over my Sketchbook!

What's this? What's this!?
It's Pinkie all around.
What's this?
She trying to get out!

And that's all I got. It's 10am, I went to sleep five hours ago and it's my last day of vacations. If only I knew I would be drawing so much I would've brought my laptop to scan and edit the pictures properly. Count on me re-editing the drawings to make them look better, but that's when I return home. My Photoshop!!! DX

So that's why there are so many monsters in the Everfree Forest.
I'm pretty sure Hasbro won't bring back Pinkamena after how the fandom has portrayed her.
Aaaagh!!! Aaaagh!!! Aaaagh!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!
Just what I said. Neeeeeveeeeeer.

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