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14 December 2011

DECEMBER DRAW OFF - My two Entries.

Hello everyone.

Well, this is rather unplanned, but since I don't want to dump these on my FurAffinity account I guess it's a much better idea to post them here. This is where I post most of my pony works, so I guess it's getting themed already, am I right?

Enjoy some Celestia and Twilight comic strip, and Twilight cosplaying as a rather saucy sidekick.

Click to see full comic

Who wouldn't like to be that bat? Hehe, who...


  1. I dont think Celestia recives half the love she deserves.

  2. That comic is just awesome!

  3. A perfect application of the trope in the first one. Kudos!

  4. At least she remembers which day it was!