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1 December 2011

Ponies Around the World - SCIENCE!

So, I should've posted this two weeks ago or so, more or less when this took place, but my timing is not as good as it used to be. Unless we talk about comedy, in which case I think I'm still pretty sharp. But I digress. I went with my good scottish pal Arran to the Sciences Park here in Granada. So, before going there, I decided to throw my Twilight Sparkle toy in my pocket. "Why?" you may be wondering. Well, I thought Twilight could enjoy some science from time to time and, like the 5 year old kid that I am, I took her with me so she could have some fun in the park. In the end, the visit was a bit dry, but I managed to sneak two photos with her. The exposition wasn't too sciency actually (it was about the T-Rex theories and it felt more like a ride in one of Universal Studio's theme parks than anything close to actual science). But there in the park I managed to take these.

Yes, she's standing on the horse. Horseception?
In the park there is this big Chess game, that looks like crap right now. The kids might destroy it or take away pieces or something. They don't respect a thing. But Arran and I had a lot of fun with it. I even managed to Check-Mate him! I was the black ones (I always play the black because, like Wesley Snipes says, "Always bet on the black"). If you look carefully, my Queen and my Bishop are check-mating his King. It didn't even took me 20 moves. And it was aaaaaaaaaall intentional! (no it wasn't)

You can say *shades* She's looking up to him.
And then this one. There is this awesome statue of (I almost type Spielberg here) Einstein on the entrance of the park, and I just couldn't resist. Twilight will geek the hell out if she ever had the chance to go back in time and meet him. She will even create a fan club and wear an Einstein mask. Will his pony name be "Neighstein"? I don't know. Goddamnit, pony puns are too easy.

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