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10 January 2012

Artist Training Grounds - January 2012 - Day 1

Here you go Phoe!

Theme of the day: Draw a Pony wearing armor or a uniform.

What better type of armor but the marine armor from "ALIENS"? There's only one type of armor better than that. Aquilinus' armor, of course.

Find the Equestria Daily Post right here. I am number 88.

You know she'll kick ass in the Marine Corps.
I know this ain't new, but goddamnit, ALIENS is the best movie of all time and if you think otherwise I am dissapointed.


  1. ALIENS the best movie of all time? Maybe best ALIEN movie in the franchise and one of the best Alien (genre) movies out there. But it doesn't quite cut it for me P:

    On Topic: That is ONE MEAN LEAN ASS KICKING MACHINE looking Twilight Sparkle! You best read a book Dorothy, cuz you ain't in Kansas no more!

    BTW am I looking at the her boots' front side? Because to me her hind legs look a bit more round than they should have been (at least to me). And then it hit me: maybe he's going for a bit of a depth effect? Makes sense if you did, with Twi looking as she's doing a hard turn while aiming for the next Xeno to shoot down.

    1. To quote Jeff Lebowski: "Well, that's like...your opinion man". No seriously, everypony is entitled to their own opinion, and I totally subscribe to yours. Of course ALIENS is not the best movie of all time, objectively speaking. For me it is though ^_^;

      And now that you mention it, yeah, her hind legs look a bit round, but you are looking at the front of her right hind leg, which is why it looks like that. That was exactly my intention with the drawing too :3