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24 January 2012


So, I was at my work placement yesterday, checking over some random notes I was doing on an upcoming list I hope to get done by next week. I was bored, there was nothing to do, and I started scribbling. Then I thought: "Fucking 'ell, I could be drawing now, and instead I'm just doing some boring notes on some boring list nobody is going to read." So I took my sketchbook to work today, and I cranked up a couple of sketches, rough ones, on the last two pages I had left in my sketchbook.

I've been carrying that sketchbook for six years, ever since I originally bought it in Madrid. I bet I wouldn't expect to finish it by doing pony drawings. Who would've thought? Here are the drawings, enjoy!

If she looks like she's poledancing...That's because that was the original idea.
Those toeless boots with laces will appear very often when drawing Pinkie. I like them.

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