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16 May 2012

RARITY TIME - Doll Customs.

Wow, it's been forever since I last posted here now, have I? It's like we are into some sort of pause in between seasons of My Little Pony or something I mean, doesn't this feel familiar? Actually, I'm doing so much stuff at the moment and there's so much shit going on that I really can't begin to count all the things I have yet to post here. So much stuff, so little time, like they say.

But anyways. I bought another Rarity doll and styled her hair to look better and more like in the show, following this useful tutorial. This left me with two Rarity toys, so I picked my old one and turned her into Little Miss Rarity. Yes, I'm a monster, and I love my Little Miss Rarity doll. Mommy's still pretty. Check a handful of photos right after the break.

First the normal Rarity doll.

Darling, you must capture my good side!
Honestly, this mane cut is simply marvelous.

And now a bunch of pics of Little Miss Rarity. Because Mommy is the prettiest.

I dunno about you, but I have the feeling it should be...bloodier.
Drippy mascara makes her kind of attractive, don't you think?
Detail of the cat scratches on her ear.
Before you ask, no, it's not just paint. Those cuts are made into the doll's body.
And finally, a plot shot of the bite marks.

Well, that's all I got! I will try and get more articles soon. One can only do so many things before he gets swept away by reality.

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