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26 September 2012

ART BATCH - Sketch-A-Day Project

Twilightlicious Opera, drawn for Tara Strong on Twitter in 30 minutes.

At the begining of August, after making quite a risky picture involving Gilda and Spike, I decided to take on a little project before leaving to Scotland by the end of the month. This project had me boosting up my Pony art folder by making one pony sketch every day, using the help of a random number generator to get a random pony (or character from MLP:FiM) to draw.

The result you all can see after the break, with a small comment depicting stuff about it.

The one that started it all. Gilda looking badass with a badass sword.
Shinning Armor did love this one! I will always see him as a surfer guy.
I'm growing fond of Snails as of late. He's a good pony.
Bon Bon is plotting something...That didn't sound right.
I always envisioned Filthy Rich as a business man, in Wall Street, about to lose his fortune.
This is me, at age 14. Or Twilight's dad. I love this character.
Gamer Luna is absolute Best Luna, and a favorite fanon theory of mine.
Blossomforth is so flexible. So, so flexible. I bet she's the Stretch Armstrong of ponies.
Behold, the funniest thing I've ever drawn.
You know she has a basement full of food and supplies for years.
Featured in the Drawfriend #557 as the Top Picture! WOW!
Vynil's records are sharp, and her mentors were Simon Pegg and Nick Frost!
Present for my Best Friend's OC. He does enjoy that cake!
Zecora is practical like that. She wouldn't want to lose her keys.
Twilight enjoys a good story, regardless of media.
Allie is an awesome bowling player. Or at least, that's what I believe.
Featured in the Drawfriend #564 in the 13th Position! Neat!
Ace is a mix of Pitt Sampras and Andre Agasi.
Caramel is still looking for those seeds.
Granny Smith didn't realize that analog TV doesn't exist anymore.
I'll never be happy with this picture. Roseluck deserves better.
Featured in the Drawfriend #568 in the 32nd Position. Awesome!
I had to make Fluttershy a badass. Come on, she can pull off some brave moves when she wants!
Featured in the Drawfriend #570 at the 11th position. Because Rarity is Best Pony!
Featured in the Drawfriend #571 at the 14th position. Arrr!!!
Thith ith tho thuper! Twitht ith betht filly.
Photo Finish can pull of a nice andy Warholl, when she wants to.
Mr. Cake should have an entire spin off series for himself.
Featured in the Drawfriend #576 in the 9th position. Muffin!

And that's about it!

Twenty nine drawings.

Six of them made it into the Drawfriends.

And I boosted a lot my DeviantArt page.

I'm happy.

Thank you all for checking it out.

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