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22 July 2011

Achievement Unlocked - Feel the Burn!

There is a particular achievement in the Equestria Daily Summer Achievement List: "Feel the Burn - Write a fanfic of 3000 words by hand". I could take all the notes from "The Regal Dream" and just post them here. Those amount for around 10.000 words! But it doesn't count if they are repeated, so I wrote a cloppy fanfic involving Princess Luna, Big Mac, Spitfire and Braeburn. Then it turns out Pinkie Pie wrote it and Twilight was correcting her constant misspellings.

According to my numbers, I managed to fit 16 words per line, and each page had 35 lines. The last page had less than that and the total count reached up to 2.986 words, or something like that. Not 3000 words per se, but that's...

Anyways, I leave you with the evidence here. I won't post a biggest image. This fanfic is mine only >:3 With all its grammatical errors, misspellings and lack of cadences. Now, if you excuse me, I gotta go write "I am sorry" a million times ^_^;

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