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25 July 2011

Have some Fizzy Pinkie Pie

Hey guys! Remember when This blog used to have reviews about movies, TV Shows and comic con meet ups? Yeah, neither do I! I guess all I can say to defend the lack of movie reviews as of late is the fact that this is my blog and I post whatever the fuck I want. I can also argue than this year has lacked of a great and awesome movie, thus far. I don't say I hated every movie I've seen this year, is just that a bunch of superhero movies will end up in my Top Five.

Anyways, you guys enjoy some Pinkie Pie gulping down a few bottles of fizzy drinks. I wonder what sounds she will make if you squeeze her when she is full >:3 Think about that for a while.

I dare you to give her some Mentos. I double dare you, motherf*cker.

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