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17 September 2011

Octavia Custom Pony - Progress

So here I am again,
bringing My Little Ponies.
Remember when this blog,
was so much more?

Oh how cutesy they are,
even though I'm twenty six.
I should be working but,
this is, oh so much fun!

Anyways, let's forget about that. Damnit, now I can't take that damn song out of my head DX Anyways, here are some more pictures of my progress doing the Octavia customized pony. I had to wait a while before the nylon hair arrived, but once I got it everything went, actually, pretty smooth! The hair wasn't that tangly, it was easy to use, and it looked exactly like the hair in the website. High Quality, I must say. I want to thank the owners of for their quick response and delivery, and I wish them the best with their future baby :) This Pony Custom is dedicated to them.

The hair looks so straight because I haven't stylized it yet. That's why this is just a Progress report.
Getting the hair in place wasn't that difficult, just painful. My fingers hurt ;_;
She's like: "Whatchu looking at?"
"That's a lot of hair" read in Matthew Broderick's voice.
If I wasn't making Octavia, I'd add a few goth accesories on her.

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