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6 December 2011


To those of you who follow me on RSS, ignore that previous post.

Who said I will ever run out of these? I have so many I could stop a carriage even faster than Applejack with her hooves. I guess it's what I have to do in between comissions so I remember why I like drawing. Also, it's always a good time as any to draw some more pony goodness, right? The simplicity and cartooniness (I don't care if it's not a word, IT IS NOW!) make it very easy and enjoyable to draw them, even in the most bizarre of the situations.

I have yet to come up with something bizarre to draw them on though. In the meantime, have some Lunas, Rarities, Appejacks and Fluttershies...and TRON. Because TRON is awesome.

Glitchy, ineffective scanners are not that cool however.
I need to go back to the Wasteland. A lot.
See that top picture? Consider it a teaser of things to come.
That PLOT 8D

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