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4 December 2011


Quite literally I must say.

In the latest episode "Sweet and Elite" there is a scene where Rarity is visiting an art gallery, and we see three paintings hanging from the walls. What many might miss (kids definitely are not going to get this) is that each painting is a massive refference to contemporary artists. Let's take a look at the scene in particular.

On the right we have a ponified equivalent to Pablo Picasso's painting "Woman with a Blue Hat", painted in 1901

All the way down to the creepy lipstick.
On the right we have another painting that some people are identifying as either an inspiration from Kandinski's latests works...

Cossacks, painted in 1910.
Or MirĂ³'s works...

Painting, made in 1933. No really, that's its name.
There's no real consensus, so I say they mixed both artistic styles into one single painting.

And speaking of mixing, the last drawing, the one in the middle of the room, is what you'll get if you mix this...

The Dream, painted in 1937.
With this....

The persistence of Memory, painted in 1931.
So yes guys, apparenty this show has reached the point of artistic background refferences. As a Spanish brony who got through art school, I couldn't be more pleased. Whoever is making the design decisions in this show deserves an award. Good work guys at Studio B! Thanks a bunch Mr. Thiessen <3


  1. I had a hunch, but I wasn't sure of the origins. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I was actually pin-pointed by someone to these refferences, but it was an anon post in Ponibooru, so I guess we gotta thank that mysterious anon.