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18 January 2012

James Corck's PONY TIER List

I saw Jay doing something similar so, because I am a talentless hack who copies everything he sees like carbon paper, I am doing one too.

EDIT: I added a new entry to the List. Can you take a fucking guess at who it is?

EDIT - 23/03/12: Changed two ponies of place. Let's hope it's just temporary.

EDIT - 1/05/12: Shifted a few more things here and there.

Rainbow Dash Tier

Rarity Tier

I will hug you until you explode Tier

The Great and Powerful Tier

Badass Pony Tier


You are so nice I want to give you ten cookies Tier

I Love to hate you Tier

You almost ruin the show but not quite Tier

If I had an incinerator I’ll put you inside it like a Companion Cube Tier

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