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17 January 2012

Voz de Sueños' Comission - Silver Speech

This comunity is awesome.

No matter how many PonyArchives show up and die with a middle finger to Hasbro.

No matter how many missinterpreted comedy videos at the expense of us Bronies (RedEye, The Fine Bros, I love you guys, heart deep I do).

No matter how many times we get compared to the Sonic Fandom.

No matter how many times we rage because our fanon breaks.

This comunity is awesome. It will be awesome. And it will be remembered as the most peaceful place to go online in the search for possitive feedback and constructive criticism. If we can be proud of something, we should be proud of having learnt the errors from other comunities and making sure we don't commit those errors again. And if we learnt something out of those errors, is not acting like a douche nuzzle when talking to others. I know I changed. Ten years ago, I wouldn't have been standing here, talking to you through this post, telling you about how much I actually enjoy going online. I would be raging, or acting emo over something that bothered me, instead of moving on and enjoy my possitivity trip. That's what I've been doing since I entered into the Brony Comunity.

And guys, it feels great.

So the story I bring you today comes with a drawing. In August of 2011, I noticed that my Cupcakes follow up Le Petit Four got a live read made by a guy called Voz de Sueños. I checked it out, and I loved it. This guy and his friend made a great live read, with first reactions to the whole thing as they were horrified and amused by my sadistic tale. I contacted him through YouTube to tell him how much I enjoyed the reading, and from then on I kept following him, since he does a weekly podcast which is a ton of fun to listen to. So from time to time we exchanged emails, I commented on his videos, and he proved to be a great guy! He is in the same segment of the fandom that I am, as we enjoy the show, we create content for the comunity (I make drawings, he makes awesome podcasts and live reads), we have merchandise (but not too much) and we kinda converted a few of our friends into the Brony side. We've exchanged so many emails by this point I can perfectly call him a friend now, and I think we are friends, right?

Yeah, we definitely are.

So a few days ago he asked me for a comission, in preparation for his upcoming project. And I gleefully did it! Here it is, posted with his permission for all of you to see! I'm also leaving links to his YouTube Channel, so you can check his stuff too.

If you get the three refferences, you'll get 100 internet points.

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