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12 February 2012

Fanart - Harley Sparkle and The Spiker

I feel kind of odd that I'm making this post mostly because I want to link Tara Strong this picture, but my FurAffinity account is inaccesible because that website is a myriad of useless jackasses. In other news, I am still surprised to find reducts of butthurtery all over the tubenets, claiming to have the ultimate knowledge of truth, admitting that Bronies are, in fact, furries with pony costumes. This reporter will have some opinions to gather as I will interview experts on the subject, including PhD Doctors Ivan DeLosers, and Hatters Gonnang Hatersticks.

More news at eleven!

Oh yes, and here's the picture.

I'll pay good money for someone to make a Batman+MLPFiM Crossover.

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  1. I love this picture! Yes you use Harley and The Joker forums of Twilight and Spike but by putting Twilight in the front and Spike behind her lying down in a submision possition you have them trade places in who is the dominite one in the partnership. I can see how Twilight could actually raising Spike to be her weapon of chaos while Spike blindly follows his "mother" to the ends of the earth. Just like the real Harly and Joker.