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29 February 2012

Sabrina Alberghetti is AWESOME.

So we all know that the guys who work at Studio B and DHX Media are all a pack of awesome guys with whom is great to talk to. Even if it's just a couple of words it feels great to see they reply to our comments even if all they say is (happy face). I am not one to pick favourites, so when I say that Sabrina Alberghetti is awesome, you can pick and replace her name with the name if anypony else who works in that awesome show. But then you wonder, why? Why James are you picking her in particular and not anyone else?

Well, check it out after the page break.

Here is evidence number 1:

First time to draw Derpy. I know! Right!?

I like DA's Muro app, it's really cool especially if you have a tablet or if you are very handy at the mouse. I drew this for her right after "The Last Round-Up" aired (whatever happened to that episode anyways?) so I went and threw her a Derpy. Her reaction was visibly pleasant. Until...

First time I draw DJ-Pon3! I know! Again! Right!?

She saw this. This was drawn in her journal where she said DJ-Pon3 is her favourite BG pony. So, because I also love DJ-Pon3, I drew this to her. Because she's every single letter of the word awesome. If awesome was created to define people, Sibsy was certainly one of the names on the list of "WE NEED TO FIND A WORD TO DEFINE HOW AMAZING FANTASTIC GREAT STUPENDOUS THESE PEOPLE ARE". Thanks for being so awesome sibsy.


  1. I am glad that you got such attention from above, so to speak. I would like to do a little rant on something I am hypothesizing about that this falls into.

    I understand where this view of the hierarchical divide between creator and follower comes from (I am just joking that it comes from religion). The cool thing is it isn't true, these animators and writers are a lot like us, give or take particular kinds of education (for instance, I am a post-analytic philosopher in training). This is why we can simultaneously develop our talents on places like deviant art.

    I actually think that there is a good case for a correlation between non-corporate global online basis for the arts and audience-studio interaction. There is this rising of the common denominator from this flood of possibility and interest in the arts which brings the outsiders and insiders in the industry together. Maybe this online-supplemental education will lead to a renaissance in techinique, style, and medium for art.

    1. I do consider it attention from above. I'm a nobody, when someone who works in something bigger than myself replies to my comment I hold it dearly.

      Though it is true what you say, which gives me hopes for posting my artwork on Deviant Art more frequently and with a more "proffesional" take on it.

      Let's hope we don't lose this in the future. Hasbro put the VA's on lock. Who knows if they will do the same to storyboard artists and animators.

  2. I'm afraid I don't like Sibsy. Some of the comments she's made have been...less than enjoyable. She's gracious and seems to like the fan-base. But she also seems to have a disdain for parts of the fandom and the internet in general.

    Her unbelievably short-sighted comments on Ponibooru in particular ground my gears. She doesn't seem to understand that the fandom is a collaboration of individuals, especially on an imageboard. And it is unfair of her to make comments putting down certain sites or areas of the fandom based on poor conversations she's had with individual members.

    1. Well, we can't blame her for that now, can we? There are things of the internet that I despise. I love the entire fandom, every single bit of it, creepy or SFW.

      I must say, using Ponibooru as an example for collaboration is not the best of the ideas. I've seen too much panic around there, to the point where if I go to Ponibooru I actually end up getting upset and I need to take a break from doing pony things.

      Although I get what you mean and I understand why you don't like her. I personally like her because, well, she's been nice to me the two times I left a comment on her profile (actually three times, because I congratulated her when The Mysterious Mare-do-Well episode was released).