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19 March 2012

100.000 Thank you's guys!

Picture the following as I build up this silly little comic I made to thank you all guys.

> I stay in FurAffinity for six years.
> I don't move to any other website thinking I can work my way over there.
> After six years I discover My Little Pony.
> I love it and start posting stuff in this Blog so I don't have to bother my FA followers.
> Sudden burst of visits and people checking out what I have to say and share.
> Screw FurAffinity, I love this place.

Thanks a million for checking my reviews, my drawings, and for giving me back hopes that one can have fun doing something and have people noticing him/her for it. I should've done this a long time ago, and now I am making up for it ^_^ Enjoy this little comic thanking you all!!!

In a perfect World, Twilight would be real and she'll deliver killer punch-lines.

Thank you guys <3


  1. Thank you for all the reviews. I just discovered your work after the last episode and am currently working my way back through the archives. I love thoughtful, well written analysis and yours hits the spot. As well as being entertaining they make me appreciate the show more. Reading someone's articulately expressed perspective on an episode is like having a second chance to experience it for the first time. I look forward to your future reviews.

    1. Awesome!

      I hope you're not having too much trouble going through the archives ^_^; I try my best to be thoughtful but not overanalitic with things. I hate when people analyze every single frame and develope theories with no base whatsoever.

      I am really happy that my reviews make you appreciate the show a lot more :D Thanks a lot for checking them out!