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6 March 2012

Papercraft is Magic, biatch!

You guys have no idea how much it freaking took me to write this post. Not because the wording is complicated or anything like that. Oh no, it's far more complex than that. Allow me to explain you my current laptop situation, okie dokie? Believe me, I will segue my way into the subject but first I need to explain this story, or else you won't be able to get it.

I have two laptops nowadaays: My 7 year old laptop with Windows XP, bugs up the ass, iTunes and SDCard connector; and my newest laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate, super speed, steady performance, and no SDCard connector nor iTunes. So yeah, you can see the problem there. I would've used my newest computer to make this post, actually I'd preffered it, but without an SDCard connector I can't do much. My digital cammera is 8 years old and the wire that connected it to the laptop doesn't exist anymore, so I guess I will have to relay on this unreliable piece of junk until I can get me an iPhone.

That's why these photos arrive around one week later when I originally wanted to post them before the episode review. But I guess it doesn't matter! Here they are for you to check out!

Spitfire from the Wonderbolts looking all so Nintendo 64-y.
 I personally like the option that Spitfire's papercraft gives you. Kna made two sets of wings, either extended or folded. I have yet to figure out why would Kna give us such an option, but I really appreciate it! Besides, I dropped the decision on which one to use on my friends. I loved the argumentation one of them used to defend his choice: "Now Spitfire won't have a wingboner because she knows how to hold back". Yeah, your face is my face.

Stallions seem to look better, but that's because their design is more square-y.
This Big Macintosh Papercraft was for my good friend Pedro, who's a big fan of the titular "Yeppity-Noppity" stallion. Being one of the most likeable characters in the entire series that doesn't come as a surprise. There's something about Big Mac that warms your heart, isn't it? Also, the less he speaks the more interesting he gets, so don't give him more speaking lines (especially if they end in "Sweetie Witty Pony Pie").

Invisible Octavia. Alternate Sadistic Title: Remember the ending of Claro de Luna?
This Papercraft Cello is part of the Octavia Papercraft and it's probably the most difficult craft I've done in a while. It has a lot of small parts that will likely break if you are not careful, or if your paper is not strong enough. I'm glad I asked for this type of thick paper that allows to bend correctly but doesn't tear easily. And now to make Tavi. That's going to be fun.

So that's it for now! I printed a bunch of papercrafts and I'm planning on doing at least two every week, so expect more photos. I doubt I'll do tutorials because my cammera sucks and I don't have anyone to take photos while I work (taking a picture and holding the craft in one hand is too complex for my puny un-educated brain). But for now, this is the least I can do ^_^ Thanks for checking it out!

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