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13 April 2012

Papercraft and Braiding are magic, biatch!

Oh brother, my life suddenly got busy right now.

You guys might baw and whine that there is no episode this weekend and that the next episodes we are having are next week and we are not having new ones until the fall. I personally am thankful about this. I have so many things to do that I need to slow down and yet I can't. I feel like aboard a train that has no brakes and that is heading towards a pile of plushies and pegasus feathers. It might sound cuddly, but the impact is still going to hurt.

Luckily I have some more papercraft and pony moding goodness to share this week! Plus a future "Top Ten List" for middle of next week.

Let's start with a papercraft that I left unfinished last time I was talking about doing papercrafts: Octavia.

Now you guys who follow me know I love Tavi. She's my favorite background pony. I love her color scheme and her classy attitude, plus those gorgeous purple eyes. I swear, those eyes look right into your soul so intense they are. It's beautiful. And so I took on doing her papercraft. Here's the end result!

I'm pretty sure this is not how you play a cello.

Compared to Kna's final results mine looks like I placed the cello the wrong way. Now it's glued to her so there's no way for me to remove it without ripping the model appart. I guess my Tavi papercraft is going to forever play the cello the wrong way, forever. Forever! I feel awful now, let's move onto the next one.

The other papercraft that I did is Gilda. Yes, I did Gilda because I really love Gilda. My reasons to like her might not be 100% innocent (I like badass punky girls, and she fits the description), but I like her enough to make her papercraft, as it's something I was actually looking forward to. Her papercraft is just so different and doing it was also a lot of fun. Here's the end result.

It even captures the "You dweeb" look on her face!

I am really happy with this one. I think this is the best papercraft I've done yet, but it couldn't have been possible without Kna's handy advice. This is one of the few ones with a tutorial on the DA page, so I recomend you to do it as a starter on how to make future ones. It's not a pony, but it looks great!

Now the next one is an interesting one. My favorite type of pony are pegasi. I love pegasi because they are horses with wings. One of the reasons why I like the new "Clash of the Titans" movie is because Pegasus is in it and he was really cool. So when I went to the toy shop and saw a toy of Diamond Rose I bought it without a doubt. I love her color scheme, she reminds me a lot of Roseluck. I get Hasbro will give this similar color scheme to any pony with the word "rose" in their names.

So I was looking at her hair on my way home and I was thinking "I need to braid this hair". No reason or anything, I just wanted to give her braids and make her look good. I guessed pegasi will want to have their manes tucked and safe so they don't get in their eyes or tangle on their wings when they are flying. The only problem was that I had no idea how to make braids. So I did the most logical thing: I went on the internet and looked for a guide on how to do it. After several attempts, these are the final results.

My favorite part is the single hair falling over her right side.

Better shot of the body, for those of you picky pants.

Left braid, glossy pink and looking gorgeous.

So this is a braid that divides into another two braids. Braidception.

I think I can still hear her screams. I bet braiding a ponytail is not painless.
It's like the back of my computer cable mess. But pink and with braids instead of cables.
I am beyond happy with the results. As I said, I have never made braids before, and I learnt from a rather crappy tutorial I found online in a lucky strike. Yet these braids look rather good.

I showed the results to my sister, and she basically said: "You make better braids than me and mom!" I was really happy when she noticed the "Braidception" I did, she couldn't believe how a guy with huge fingers could do something so tiny, because it is pretty tiny.

So yeah ladies. I can do braids and according to my sister (who is the most objective female opinion I get in my house) they are awesome braids. I guess I found another talent of mine! Should I put it into the list of "artistic" or "social" talents?

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  1. They are pretty cool, even though the Octavia papercraft looks evidently amateurish, she looks so cute. Good job.