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20 April 2012

UPDATES CONTROL - Reviews, Articles and Post-Season 2 Stuff

What started like a small post became quite a big list of things I have left to do and things that happened to me lately. So many things that are things of other things. Enjoy the listing of things after the page break. If you can stop looking at Twilight petting Rainbow Dash.

Here is a list of the things that have happened lately, just so you know why there's been little to no updates.

- My old computer exploded. Literally popped into oblivion. I won't repair it because it's a 7 year old laptop. I will extract the hard drive and keep is as an external HDD.

- My job has erratic shifts. I will be working during the season 2 finale premiere, and most likely won't be able to watch it until sunday, meaning I won't be able to make a review for the follow up. I don't mind. I will end up writing it, and guys, it's the season finale. I must write a lengthy review to make it justice.

That's on the side of things that have slowed me down. Now on the side of things that I'm doing.

- I'm doing backgrounds for a videogame design group. I can do that with this laptop, but I need a better PC.

- I'm getting a better PC. I  gathered enough money to get me a PC which is great for graphic design.

- I'm planning out the Cluedo: Ponyville Edition board game. That's my priority personal project as of now, and it will be done, you can count on that.

- I'm doing the review for the season finale, most likely on monday. I'm not a press asset, I'm not important, and Equestria Daily refused to get my reviews for their round-ups, so I will keep my guerrilla style indie reviews going, even if I can't put them in the episode follow ups.

- I will fill the gap by reviewing fan projects every now and then. Maybe not weekly, but often enough. Fan projects like "MLP:FiM Brony Edition" or "Epic Pie Time", things like that. Keep an eye out, as I will try to give constructive criticism.

So that's all for now. Even for an update post it's pretty long, but that's all there is to it. See you on the other side!


  1. You will always be number 1 reviewer in my heart drive.

  2. You're always the best when you review stuff.