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1 April 2014


You might have noticed that I haven't reviewed anything for three weeks. I am pretty sure those of you who loyally check this website every week expecting a review have to be disappointed and for that I apologize. It's kind of interesting how the lack of breaks in between episodes can end up tiring someone out of a TV show, especially when his occupation is somewhat related to it. Below the break follows a rather wordy explanation about where I've been, where I am going, and what you can expect in the future, as well as a longer list of reasons for why I have been absent the past few weeks. I won't make you wait any longer so feel free to head down and start reading.

First thing first, I've been doing these.

These are all commissions, requests and fanart pieces that I have been doing and that I had on the back-burner for longer than I am going to admit. For those of you who don't know, I am an artist for commission and I work with several people doing several projects. I am doing the illustrations of two fanfics, the cover art for another one, a comic book series that takes place in the Wild West...

That you can start reading right here.
...and an endless amount of updates for my Ask Pony Blog "Ask Movie Slate". I just finished doing Indiana Jones Month, I celebrated its 2nd year anniversary, and I am planning on doing a Uwe Boll month and an Ed Wood month. I am also organizing a panel for BUCK 2014 themed around Ask Pony Blogs, and I'm doing these with three of my friends who are also mods of Ask Pony Blogs.

Two years running, and only five memes used.
So you can imagine that I have a lot on my plate right now, and like I said at the start of this entry this is getting stressful because the show has been airing non-stop with no break since the fourth season started. At this point last year Season three had already ended, and that's with a two week period with no episodes, and during Season two we had two breaks: One between the premiere and episode three which lasted two weeks, and one between episodes eighteen and nineteen that lasted one week. These breaks are good, and let some of us catch a breath, but so far Season four has been like the most hardcore butthurt bronies: Relentless.

There is a break coming up between episodes twenty one and twenty two, and I intend to use it to write my reviews of "Maud Pie", "For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils", "Leap of Faith" and "Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3". By then I will have all things pretty wrapped up and I'll be relaxed enough to write down my thoughts in a more organized fashion.

Until then, this short announcement will have to do. Sorry everyone but when you have too much on your plate you have to end up leaving things aside for later.


  1. Wow, your arts are pretty good! I can't be mad at you if you do such things.

    I'm looking forward to read your reviews about the recent episodes. I loved them, and maybe it's time to change my opinion on Season 4.
    I will be prepared for the next week.

  2. So looking forward to more reviews.

  3. Wonderful art - I particularly like the one of Silver Quill!


  5. Seriously though, I'm starting to get worried. Are you all right?

    1. Go to his Tumblr page. He's still alright.