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28 March 2010

Blacksad book signing

You know when you are so sad you can feel the sadness hurting you? It is the same for happiness :-3 Because yesterday I was so damn happy that I felt my heart filling my chest and breaking my ribs, and it was an awesome feel so happy I was. Having one of my biggest heroes of all time drawing, creating and then talking to him was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Here be the photo report from the most awesome event of the year, so far.

 Best looking ticket ever!?

My signing ticket. Numbers 1 to 30 had the rights to get a picture. Me having number 20 I had one of course.
Genius at work...for real.

Juanjo Guarnido and Juan Díaz Canales. Then, after waiting for hour and a half, I had Juanjo Guarnido to sign my book, make me a drawing and chat to him for a while. It was a blast! Believe it or not, I didn't mention the furry fandom at any point. We dedicated almost all the conversation to rip Rob Liefeld's "work" limb by limb. I am serious, Juanjo Guarnido's art is the best antidote against that ham-handed abomination-crapper Liefeld ass.
For me, this is worth all the paintings in Spain's musseums...except for Goya's, of course.

The Drawings. I was surprised that Juan Díaz Canales (the writter of Blacksad) has a visually striking art very similar to Frank Miller (when he was in his right state of mind). The drawing on the left is, of course, made by Guarnido, and seeing how he made it was a mind-deconstructing experience. You rarely have a chance to see other people draw, especially your heroes. Seeing him doing this picture was one of the best, most memorable moments of my life.
Up: Sexiest. Cut out. EVER!!! Right: Now this is a comic coming to life!!!

Curiosities: The comic-shop where the signing was organized had an award-worthy preparation, turning the interior and exterior into a life size comic book. My favorite parts were the amazingly well done exterior of the shop, where they recreated one pannel from Blacksad #3, and a life size cut out doll of the white female bear from Blacksad #2. My God, she was sexy. I wanted to take her home!!!

So that was, by far, one of the best thing that has ever happened to me in quite a long time...Well, not so long, the premiere of "AVATAR" was mindblowing too :-3

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