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22 April 2011

Sonic Rainboom Sighting!

Well, I bet this wasn't caused by Rainbow Dash breaking the sound barrier after crossing through a bunch of storm clouds. But I have never seen in my life a double rainbow. I bet this must be quite often, especially in places where it's always raining, but seeing one for the first time is really cool. It's about 20% cooler.

You can see the exterior rainbow is really fadded.

 This one barely shows the exterior rainbow, but goddamnit! The interior one looks great!

This is the best shot I got of both rainbows. It's quite a silly sight, isn't it?

So here you have it. I felt like doing a Blog Post about this, I mean come on. I've been a lot into My Little Pony lately, and out of the blue a lightning storm brings a double rainbow right in front of my house!? I had to post this guys, it's compulsory ^_^;

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