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9 July 2011

Speed-Art! Rainbow Dash Edition.

I am starting to wonder why I haven't changed the title of the Blog to "More Ponies than articles about anything else". Well, it's my blog and I post whatever the hell I want, so have more ponies :3 I have been doing these many drawings of the Best Pony (Dashie, obviously guys, what's wrong with you for not writing her name right when you say Trixie or Twilight) because I want to learn to draw her better. She is not drawn enough times, there needs to be more Dashie love. These are all traditionally drawn with markers and mechanical pencil, then treated in Photoshop CS to make the colors brighter. My scanner makes the pictures look greyish, so there's quite a lot of colour correction going on in here.

I am also not posting all of these in FurAffinity because I don't want to overclutter the gallery. I might post the best one. Here they are!

 What? Did you think Weather Patrol was just moving clouds and setting up storms?
There's so much red tape involved you might as well be swimming in it.

 Dashie knows how to enjoy herself some candy. Not Candy Vag, you perverts...

This is what Dashie does when she gets bored. Really, really bored.

I feel for her. Those splitting headaches can hit you when you least expect them.

 Dashie takes her Patrol out for some training. Fluttershy and Derpy are her newest recruits.

And that's all, for now. The one that took the longest is the one where Dashie plays with her Wonderbolts toys, and I am not even happy with how it came out. Her head is too small and the body is too big. I think, objectively, the best drawing of this bunch is the one where Dashie is eating the Skittles. It's colourful and I think it's kind of funny.

Achievements, here I go!!!

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