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21 August 2011

Rarity Art Batch!

I'm still doing the Achievement List on Equestria Daily, and I think this might be the last one of the list I will try to attempt at getting. I just needed to get the last two cheevos on Rarity's artwork list. She's my second favorite pony and she deserves it! So here I leave you with the drawings. Enjoy some fancy Pony time!

I get she's not pleased with my work. That mane is dripping a lot however.
I'm sure Rarity never needed to buy toys!
I bet Rarity knows about feet in the world of Equestria, but she'll be amused by them anyways.
Now, there is a fourth picture, but I won't be linking it on the Blog. It's violent and bloody, and I can't post it because the blog is now Safe For Work. I'm sorry for those of you who enjoy morbid art (I enjoy it as well, so I feel for you). It's loosely based on the fanfic sequel I wrote to Cupcakes, and even though it's up on my Picassa album I won't be posting it. Unless I get a shit-ton of requests, which I hopefully doubt.

You know what? Screw it. I'm uploading it anyways.

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