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18 September 2011

Octavia Custom Pony - Completed


I can't believe I actually did this. Eight months ago I had no idea of the My Little Pony phenomena. Well...let's be fair, I had some idea. I had seen a few Rule 34 pictures my friends shared with me, and I've been pushed to watch the show a lot of times (to which I usually replied with a made up excuse). Never, not even in my wierdest day dreams, I would've imagined me doing a custom Pony Doll. But here we are. And I am really happy with how it turned out.

I guess it means nothing when I say that even my mom liked it. But you really don't know how hyper-critical my mom is. If you thought the pre-readers in Equestria Daily can get nit-picky and critical, they are nothing compared to my mom. She is super critical, and mostly scoffs about the things that I do. She loved the doll, and she was impressed with how I did the face. So yeah, this is the one case where a mother's opinion does carry some weight.

Have some photos!

This angle is better. It hides the default smile on the model.
Doing Octavia's hair style is quite difficult, if you don't have the propper head.
The pink bow-tie adds a lot to it, don't you think?

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