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9 September 2011

Octavia Custom Pony!

Oh boy, I think that Reddit comic that popped up a few days ago talking about how ponies occupy the 24 hours of my life has become a terrifying reality. The only thing not pony related I did today was playing some Fallout: New Vegas. And guess what? I PLAYED IT AS A RAINBOW DASH CHARACTER! And I had Fallout: Equestria in mind at all times DX

PONIES! WHY U EVERYWHERE IN MY LIFE!? This is how a Star Wars fan felt in the early 80's, right? Anyways, have some work in progress of Octavia! I wanted to finish it before season 2 starts, so it counts as an achievement unlocked, but the hair won't arrive until past the first episode of season 2 airs. So I will use a Delorean and call this one unlocked, only because I already did the hard part. Putting the hair in won't be a problem, since I've already done it before.

Anyways, Octavia Custom Time GO!

It's like a work bench in Fallout!
Pinkie Pie is my role model.

Paint jobs are pricey, unless you live in the GTA world.

That expression wasn't hard to achieve. She looks so sad without hair, though.

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