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7 October 2011

Cupcake time! (with Rainbow Dash)

So yeah, I had a few free hours yesterday night and I decided to try and do me some cupcakes. I also used some of my mom's and sister's patience to do these, so I think I should thank them as well. They were making a plumcake, so I thought "If the kitchen is going to end up in a mess, why not using that to make me some cupcakes?"

Here's the end result, one day after as the frosting took time until it got the proper texture.

During the writing of this article two of those cupcakes were eaten...Oh wait, three.

Dashie has a worrisome feeling of Dej√° Vu.

The frosting is made out of butter and sugar, so when you take a bite out of those my gums cry for mercy. Actually, they taste really good and they are not that sugary or sweet. I could eat three of these in a row and not feeling any guilt whatsoever. However, you better keep a glass of milk close, just to make up for all the sweetness.

Overall, the presentation is not that good, but the taste is pretty good. I will try make more next time. Now, a video explaining how we made the cupcakes.

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