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12 November 2011

I has my Rarity figurine!!! YAY!!!

It's a toy of course, it's not a figurine. I guess there's not much difference after all, except that one is something kids play with and the other is adults collect to remember they used to be kids. I can't stand the fact that there will be kids out there setting their Rarity toys on fire, throwing them off windows, cutting off their hair completely and basically doing them a "Petit Four" treatment that will make Cupcakes' Pinkie sick.

Kids are evil guys. Really.

Now if you excuse me, I have to comb her hair for fifty minutes, apply hair gel, blow dry it and then keep it under lock and key so my mother doesn't throw it to the trash.

I am not kidding, that's the punchline >_>

That moustache is screaming to get away from this photo.
What can I say? I really want to eat Rarity. Like a lot. Like a thousand times.

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