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1 November 2011

Random Princess Luna Sketches (pre-Luna Eclipsed)

Before the episode "Luna Eclipsed" was aired (and even before the Facebook teaser pictures showed up) I went into an artistic spree and made a bunch of drawings on Luna. Small, quick sketches showing different expressions in my attempt to get used to her design. Her face is one of the odd designs in the show that doesn't follow the established round face and pointy muzzle from the other ponies.

- She has a squared muzzle with a rather egg-shaped head.
- Her eyes are bigger and a bit more squewed than the normal pony eyes.
- And even her ears are placed further back on her head respect the other ponies.

I came up with these four quick head sketches and that super quick Super-Sayan-Rocket-Meteor-Shooting Star Luna doing the Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story 2 sketch. Each one of these took around 10-15 minutes to make and they are just for practice, so they are not spectacular.


Luna crying to Wilson is a refference to Bridesmaids. Because that was an awesome movie.

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