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9 December 2011

Even Moar Pony Sketches - Dress Edition

Only one page, but hey! It's ponies, and I seem to have my bridles tightly tied around my scanner's muzzle. The bastard was trying to get bucky on me but I'm keeping him under control. At least, I can keep riding it until I get enough bits to buy me a new one. Either that or use my Christmas list to buy it.

Have some pony dresses!

Because when I see Twilight cosplaying as Starswirl the Bearded I always think on Rincewind from DiscWorld.
I know this blog is actually reaching further than I first expected, and it terrifies me. Who would've thought that going on my own out there would attract more attention to me than hanging around in popular furry websites, or even DeviantArt.

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