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3 December 2011

Oh look! I made a Modern Art!

I'm doing this post for two reasons:

One, I want to make sure Google and Blogspot work properly after spending an entire morning of receiving nothing but error messages (especially anytime I tried to make a comment in Equestria Daily).
Two, I wanted to share this piece of shit of a drawing I did when I was 16 years old with all of you.

This thing was a high school assignment for arts and crafts class. We were to do a drawing that was basically squares, polygons and things like that. You know, typical educational BS that you will never apply in real life. I kept it with me for all these years because, when I gave it to my teahcer, he accused me of copying it from an already existing drawing. I kept it with me to remind me that people will always accuse you of copying others, even if you didn't.

I won't tell you whether I did or not. I think, if you check my stuff here or in FurAffinty, DeviantArt or Equestria Daily, you may already know the truth. In the meantime, check what I used to draw before I discovered the furry fandom.

EDIT: Huh, so it must be EqD's fault then.

If you look carefully you can see "PRETENTIOUS" written with the blocks.

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