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25 January 2012

Artist Training Grounds - January 2012 - Day 3

So Day 3 of the Training Grounds comes along, and I am here doing quite a lot myself, in my own personal war against the circumstances. I am most likely going to be sued by my college, I have a terrible back pain from my work, I fucking hate the newest Academy Award nominations, and people seem to keep tearing appart between each other when talking about Derpy's retardness.

But hey, it's the internet! It's all in good fun until somebody gets billed on the eye. So, until then, let's get some pony time done, shall we?

DAY 3: Draw a pony dueling. You know what I love? Magic the Gathering. You know what I hate? Yu-Gi-Oh. I hate its guts to the Moon and back. I played the game, I know what I'm saying. I hate it. But I love the Abridged Series, it's hilarious! So it's not so ironic for me to draw Rarity and Fluttershy playing Yu-Gi-Oh.

You know, because in the anime they say "LET'S DUEL!" anytime they wanna play a card game.

Dueling ponies.


Let's duel.


Bad pun is bad.

You can find me in Equestria Daily right here. I am number 89.

Yes Rarity, your hair style is not ridiculous enough to play a Children's Card Game!

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