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27 January 2012

Artist Training Grounds - January 2012 - Day 5

The last day of Training Grounds, and I feel kind of sad. I had a lot of fun doing these, and even though I was feeling really tired coming back home (not sleeping well, and working standing up does terrible things to your back) I sat down and made this little last drawing. If I could have an audience for this kind of artwork, I'd charge 5 euros each and make myself a fortune. But sadly, all people want to comission me for are drawings I wouldn't dare posting here. Good God, I am tired of that. This feels so much more satisfying though.

DAY 5: Draw a pony coming home. This one caught me off guard. I have to say, for the whole army feel this whole Training Ground felt like, I expected something like "Recreate the Omaha Beach Landing with Ponies". I bet they didn't do it because: A, it's against the site's rules, and B, it's been done already. So drawing a pony coming back home after a lot of fake sword fights and rescue missions feels refreshing and nice to draw. This fandom is great. It keeps me in the track of producing artwork I don't feel ashamed of!

You can check me on Equestria Daily! I am number 60.

We need a moment like this in the show. It'll make me weep.

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