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3 February 2012

Fan-Hate-Masochist Art Thingie.

That's a very weird concept, and I might be one of the pioneers in this field. If not, pin-point me to other fanarts that fulfill these many categories and I will be happy to throw a link on this post. But before we get to the artwork, I want to clarify something first.

I spent a great deal of time wondering whether or not I should mention the whole Derpy Drama debate. Don't worry, as you can see, this paragraph isn't very long. In the end I decided not to for several reasons, but primordially because, well, if I see a fire spreading across a forest I don't try and run my truck full of combustible fluid into it. I prefer to stay away from this whole thing until it settles down. Worst scenario Hasbro will change the name and re-voice her. I doubt they will even take the editing scissors out (this is Hasbro after all, the guys allowed Michael Bay to put testicles on a robot). Remember the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 motto guys. This is just a show, I should really just relax.

Have some fanart to make up for my excess of wording!

If this had been drawn five years ago, she'd be covered in blood. I'm so happy I changed that mentality.
EXCERPT FROM "THERE WILL BE CIDER" (coming soon to a theatre near you)


"Stop crying you sniveling filth! Stop your nonsense!"


"That orchard is gone! It's been had!"


"If...If ya'll give me...give me mah..."




"Harvest AJ my girl! Harvested to the very last tree. We're soooooo sorry."


"See, if you have a glass of cider, and we have a glass of cider, and we have a straw."


"Like these ones, here are the straws, you see them? You watching?"


"And our straws, reach acrooooooss the other side of the room, and start to drink your cider."



(Suction noise)



It didn't take me a week to finish this, just five hours of hard work on Photoshop. I learnt a lot from this drawing, mostly how to make Photoshop work without overlapping with the other tool menus. I learn something new every day with this thing, isn't it amazing? Photoshop is the best program ever created. As for the drawing itself, I already mentioned how much I freaking hate the Flim Flam brothers and I still do, but I'm glad to see that I'm in a minority. A lot of people liked them, so this is for them. This is also for those who, like me, like to see their favorite characters suffer. That's right; AJ got upgraded into my Favorite Ponies list. In which position you wonder? Well, she's definitely next to Applebloom. The entire Apple Family is a breeding ground of Badasses; time to upgrade the Tier List! Enjoy your broken Applejack >:3

"Come on baby, whatcha gonna do now, cry!? Come on baby, come on! Cry-yyy-y!"



    This is the greatest reference iv'e ever seen.

    First i saw the picture and i was like

    Then I notice the straws and i was like
    "is he alluding, it can't works but so few have seen that movie"

    Then i saw the movie title and i exploded

    For the entire script you made i was laughing uncontrollably and for that i hate you. I dislocated my sternum so it hurts to laugh. You assault was so sudden and so unexpected i could brace myself or sniffle the laugh. well done.

    1. Thanks a bunch man <3

      I am very happy I broke your sternum XD You can bill me, it was worth it!

  2. I'd actually feel better about this image is she were covered in blood. Don't ask me why, just feel that way.