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24 February 2012

I used to be a Furry Artist...

...but then I killed every single person who thought that stupid Skyrim meme. Seriously guys, that is the textbook example of memetic mutation gone wrong. There are many memes out there, and some of them are genuinely funny. My personal favorite is that one with the guy looking at another guy off-screen as he smiles, holds his hands on his hips and goes: "Oh you!" I think that one is really funny. However, this stupid shit about arrows, knees and adventurers has literally killed my interest in Skyrim. Yeah I know, it's childish, but if you add that meme to my recent bruising with New Vegas: Dead Money, I can pretty much say that I fucking hate Bethesda. I'm pretty sure those guys hate me too, why else would they keep releasing games and add-ons that piss me the hell off?

Have a drawing after the break.

 So here you have what I've been doing lately in my "Quick Sketch" sessions. Yeah, not much. I literally have nothing else to show you guys, mostly because I've been working on a project that I am not authorized to speak about (yet!). So the little time I had left has been dedicated to draw something a little bit more furry, and what's furrier in the MLP universe than the Diamond Dogs themselves?

I will say this right now, the furries had a gold mine with the Diamond Dogs in terms of furry artwork and furry porn to create, and yet they went to the ponies. I know that you can make a furry version of everything, but when it comes to design the Diamond Dogs are pretty much there with everything, even the personality. I guess it's just me who decided to just go for them in order to make something furry related, because I suck at drawing furry horses, but mostly because I don't feel like making a furry version of Rarity or Rainbow Dash. One might say it's because I don't want to corrupt what I hold so dear. I think it's mostly because I don't feel comfortable drawing boobs on them. I can enjoy people who draw boobs on them, but I can't motivate myself enough to draw a big pair of gazangas on Twilight Sparkle's body, even if she's dressed. So I went for the Diamond Dogs.

I like the design in the show, but when it comes to fanart I actually dig a lot the designs of Congolike from the "Ask the Diamond Dongs" TUMBLR. And yes, that's not a typo, it's "Dongs", not "Dogs". It's a NSFW TUMBLR account so watch it if you click this link. Don't baw at me in the comments saying I didn't warn you. I like how he draws them, the design of their faces, their clothes, their limbs, everything. So I went and threw a couple of sketches inspired (copied ^_^; ) by that design, and one little sketch based on the show's design to notice the differences. They are massive.

Despite the Diamond Dogs being basically furry, the Diamond Dogs of Friendship is Magic and the Diamond Dongs of Congolike are completely different. You can basically call them something different-Oh wait, he did call them something different! Well, what do you know? Even when we go for the most basic of designs we come up with something completely different. We are so lucky to have so many talented artists in this fandom.

The first attempt at furry came quite...bland.
If the hair looks like a bad wig, that's because I'm an idiot.
Trying to go for an unconventional pose ALWAYS bites me in the ass.

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