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9 February 2012

My Little Pony: Friendship is TRAGIC.

So there I was in Lil Miss Rarity's stream, when Jay brings up quite a poignant observation about the show, using a vocabulary that would certainly make Edgar Allan Poe green with envy.

"This YAYing Season of My Little Pony man, this YAYing season is all about crying. Every YAYing episode in this YAYing second season has had a scene, at least one scene with crying in it. Like, YAYing Season 1 had like, what? One, two episode where there was crying in it? This season had at least one scene of crying in every episode!"

Oh come on Jay, surely you are exagger-

Well okay, but that's from episode one, and it was a very sad scene, I bet there's not mo-

Well fine, but that's Rarity, I mean come on, how about other ponies? How about backgr-

Okay, bad example. But I bet the mane six don't cry any ot-

Well, we know for sure that the Cutie Mark Crusaders are rea-

Oh boy, uhm, good to know that the tough girls like Rainbow Dash aren-






Not a moment to rest, eh?

Not even the toughest of the toughest are safe.


Oh my God!

It doesn't stop!


Did somebody killed a puppy with a baby seal or what!?

This is cruel.

It's a neverending stream of sad.

It's also a stream of happy.

I also wonder if dragons can cry.

How about trees?

Aaaaand there goes my will to live along with my happiness, and everything that cheered me up.

Seriously though, the level of crying scenes in Season 2, compared to Season 1, has multiplied by several. I love the fact that Jayson Thiessen takes the characters to the edge and makes them hit rock bottom so they can learn their lesson. But I swear, the guy is one step away from breaking them completely. I'd actually love to see one of the characters break completely (Twilight almost did, that was cool), but Jesus Christ, My Little Pony is bringing back the sugar coated darkness that Disney used to do so well! Who could've seen that?


  1. Some of them were tears of happiness.

    1. Tears nonetheless. Crying is crying regardless of the emotion, and there's been a lot of crying this season thus far.

  2. Killing a puppy with a baby seal, haha. Best way to produce tears.

    1. It's more charitable than making people read M. Night Shyamalan's scripts.

  3. Not tears liquid pride