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9 March 2012

My Reaction to Friendship is Magic in Spanish.

It's nothing espectacular or worth waking up your roommates for, nor is it worth linking to other websites either. This is my uncut, unedited, unpeppered reaction to Episode 14 of Season 1, "Suited for Success" in Spanish with all the facial expressions it conveys.

Bottom line: The Spanish dub sucks harder than a vaccum cleaner. They butchered everything from the singing to the expressions and even the acting. If anything it serves as an example of how not to do things. I am thankful to the internet for providing the correct way to enjoy this show.


  1. Me estalle con tus caras y los comentarios en el video XD sabes que la forma de tu bigota hace que paresca que te sangra la nariz? Parecia alto derrame cerebral XD