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25 May 2012


A good couple of weeks ago something happened. My best friend and I were bidding for a Rarity plush on eBay, and we were aiming to get it for me. I was going to pay the shipping costs, and he would pay the rest of the plush. This was my idea of a payment for a set of comissions. I had to work that day. So I went to work and asked my friend to keep me updated on the bidding. We ended up losing it. To put it charitable, I didn't take it too well. I'm no liar, I took it quite bad, mostly because we lost the bid in the last second by two freaking bucks. My friend saw me so upset that he set himself on getting me another Rarity plushie.

This is it.

And it's awesome.

So what follows is just a set of photographs showing the size of the plushie and how stupefyingly beautiful it is, because there is no other word I can use to describe my state of mind as of now. This plushie is just amazingly gorgeous and I am forever grateful for it to my friend. Hermanito, thanks a bunch <3

Now have some pictures!!!

Screw the dishwasher. Whatever's in the box is much better!
"Dahling! Help! I can't breath!"
"Now, could you please drop the camera and get me out of here!?"
She's a big girl, isn't she? So pretty and big and gorgeous and...goddamn this is a big plush.
This whole set has been Rarity approved.
And this is me with this beautiful plush.
Make sure to pay a visit to the creator's website over here

And check if you see something you'll like. Chances are you are going to.

And that was it. I think I can safely say I've gone full brony now. Next brony thing I have to do, I've got to find a way to go to BroNYCon. Or at least organize a meet up in my city.

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