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4 August 2012

Reasons why I shouldn't write for MLPFiM - Episode 4, And then Twilight was right.


The rehearsal for the wedding has been going for a moment until Twilight Sparkle has interrupted it, accusing Princess Cadence of being evil. After assaulting her, Cadence has stormed out of the room, leaving Twilight to be scolded by Shining Armour.

Twilight Sparkle

I was just trying to-

Shining Armour

She's been completely stressed out because it's really important to her that her big day be perfect! Something that obviously wasn't important to you.

Shining Armour gasps and takes his forehoof to his head. Twilight tries to help him but he pushes her aside.

Shining Armour

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go and comfort my bride. And you can forget about being my best mare. In fact, if I were you, I wouldn't show up to the wedding at all.

Shining Armour walks out of the room and closes the doors behind him. Twilight hangs her head low as Applejack approaches her.


...Twilight, Ah think that was very rude of you.



I know.


But yer my friend, and Ah trust your opinion more than Cadence’s or your brother’s. If you think something’s wrong, then something’s wrong. So calm down, and tell us what you saw.

The five friends, Spike and Princess Celestia walk towards Twilight. The five ponies and the dragon have blank expressions, however Celestia’s face is not a happy one. Twilight starts explaining.


I went to see Shining Armour just to share my...suspicions with him, when Cadence showed up and took him to another room. They started talking, and it looked like they were about to have an argument when I saw her cast that spell on him.


An argument about what?


Shining said he wanted to wear his Uncle’s uniform, but Cadence didn’t want him to. She said she told him not to wear it at the wedding.

Celestia’s face shifts, as she turns around to look out the window, absent minded.


(In whisper)

That makes no sense.

Twilight, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Spike



(Turning around)

It was Cadence who suggested Shining Armour to wear that attire for the wedding. She really insisted. It makes no sense that she wouldn’t want him to wear it. Being stressed is one thing, but changing her mind doesn’t fit in.

Pinkie Pie

She was also very nasty about my party games.


And rather unpleasant about my designs.


And according to Twilight, she didn’t like my food!


After that, it looked like they were about to argue, but as soon as Cadence used her green magic on him, Shining stopped arguing entirely and just nodded in agreement.


(In a dread tone)

Did you just say green?


Yes, it struck me as something odd too. I thought Cadence’s magic was pink.


 Cadence’s magic is pink, not green.

Rainbow Dash

What does this all mean then!? Those who don’t know the ones involved are confused!


This means Twilight’s suspicions might be right. Maybe Cadence is evil.

They all gasp, as Twilight’s face turns from upset to extremely worried.


Oh no! My brother! What do we do!?


We have to find Cadence and make her tell us what her plans are. Twilight, you and I will go find her. The rest of you go find Shining Armour and stick to him, don’t lose him of sight.


Got it!

They start galloping towards the doors, but suddenly they are stopped by one pony standing on the way: Cadence.

Twilight and Celestia



Well, shoot. I guess you bozos ruined the surprise.




It was going so well with the deceiving brother, and the fake crying, and the over protective sister that didn’t want her brother to marry. It was all falling into place so well, but then you had to throw logic into it and ruin my scheme.


What scheme?

Cadence walks into the room as the rest turns towards her. Twilight adopts a fighting stance.


What are you going to do to my brother!?


Like I will tell you.

She pauses as she passes a hoof over a curtain.


I had everything set up. It was so dramatic. It was perfect! I had a song prepared and everything! I even had my transformation planned to happen right there in the altar! But no, you ponies ruined it.


Yer not gonna get away with this.

Rainbow Dash

Yeah! We will kick your flank out of here and find the real Cadence!


So you better start talking! Where is she!?


(Her voice sounds warped, synthesized. She chuckles.)

You ponies figured out enough, so I guess there is no point on keeping up the act.

Cadence’s eyes beam with green magic as a circle of green fire surrounds her. In the blink of an eye she has transformed into a horrifying creature with black body, bug wings, holed up legs and deep green eyes. She flaps her wings, lifts over the floor and opens up her forelegs.

Queen Chrysalis

And for ruining my day, you all get banished to the Canterlot Caves!

Chrysalis casts a circle of green fire that engulfs the Mane Six, Princess Celestia and Spike, as they disappear into the floor. Once the fire is extinguished Chrysalis lands on the floor and transforms back into Cadence. The following episode doesn’t feature none of the characters, and a few weeks later Hasbro announces their new adult toy line: My Little Succubus.