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12 February 2014


Hello there guys.

I've been writing reviews for new episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic since the finale of Season 1, that is I've been writing reviews since "The Best Night Ever" first aired. Ever since I've maintained a fairly positive attitude that has followed me up until today, and I have the feeling it's going to continue like this for a while.

However, I am going to stop doing episode reviews for a while, and there are a couple of reasons for this.

The first one, and most important one, is that writing reviews takes a lot of time out of my day that I use to work on commissions, personal projects, and group projects that have to be completed. I run a Pony Ask Blog, I'm working on a Wild West Pony Comic, and I have a chunk of commissions that must be completed. Writing, editing and posting a review takes an entire day for me, and I can't afford that expense. I need to prioritize.

The second reason, and fairly important too, is that I don't think I'm getting the same amount of feedback anymore. A couple of years ago I was getting a lot of traffic here, but not anymore. I know this is because video reviews are a lot more seductive and easier to watch than sitting down and reading about the newest episode. If I had thirty different people commenting on my articles then I wouldn't stop doing this, but the lack of feedback is just discouraging. I don't know who do I do this for anymore, and not seeing enough comments takes a lot out of my motivation to do this.

And the third, and this is kind of a big one too, is that I am getting tired of reviewing this show, and of seeing this show reviewed by other people. I love MLP, and one of my ways to appreciate it is by talking about it, and discussing it. But now everybody is doing it. We have so many Brony Analysts on YouTube and other websites that it's getting nauseating, and I don't want to help add to that. I want to sit down and watch this show and just enjoy it for what it is. I don't want to spiral into madness like every other reviewer has done and start finding connections with Kafka or arguing how the show has suddenly become racist (seriously guys, what in the actual fuck!?).

So with all of these reasons, I am going to stop writing reviews until further notice. Does this mean I am going to stop reviewing the episodes? Not really. My friend Norman and I have a weekly review podcast where we talk about the newest MLP episodes. It's easier to do, and you guys can listen to it. I will post the videos here instead of writing a review like I used to.

I will also keep writing my editorials, so don't give up on those either. I am just taking a step back, I'm not leaving forever. If you want to see my work on other places, I'll leave a series of links down here that you guys can check in the meantime.

See you all guys on the other side!

Old Appleoosa: Wild West Comic Book [Issue 1] [Issue 2] [Issue 3]


  1. Bueno, entiendo tus razones, aunque me entristece.

    Para mí la experiencia de ver un episodio de MLP no estaba completa hasta haber leído tus reseñas.

    Gracias por todo tu trabajo.

    ¿Quizás puedas hacer reseña del final de temporada o de la siguiente película de Equestria Girls?

    1. No dudes que lo haré.

      Voy a seguir haciendo reviews con mi colega Norman en el "MBS Show", y cuando termine la temporada haré varias reseñas de cada episodio. Tiene gracia, por que este mini-artículo que he escrito en diez minutos ha recibido más comentarios que mi última crítica.

  2. If you don't enjoy writing your reviews, be it for lack of time or anything else, then the right thing is stepping back, of course.

    That said, I want you to know that, even if I don't comment on your reviews very often (because I agree with you or because my disagreement is simply a matter of opinion), I always read them as soon as they're out, and I always enjoy them greatly. To me, you have quite a unique and very interesting take on the show.


  3. Aw, that's sad. I've always loved your reviews, but I absolutely understand why you wouldn't want to do them anymore.

    Do you think you could at least put a paragraph-or-two summary of what you think of each episode somewhere?

    1. Of course! I'm doing something better and richer than that.

      I will be doing podcast reviews of each episode. I've been doing them all season long! I used them as an adendum for my blog reviews, but now they will become the standard format. Don't expect written articles for a while, but expect podcast reviews every week right after the episode comes out!

  4. Nobody does written reviews like you do. They are the most in-depth I've seen. Your weekly review podcast would be basically another in a sea of poor selfie video reviews by someone who has their mouth too close to a $1 mic.

    What you should do is try to get your reviews posted on Equestria Daily. This would drive up traffic considerably, and it'd be an alternative to the "screenshot reviews" that they currently do. However, there would probably be a tighter deadline, as people would expect something only a day or two after the airing. I don't know if you're up for that.

    Or, combine the written review with a video version with someone who simply reads your written review verbatim but with some emotion and screenshots added to the mix. Doesn't have to be you; you've done enough.

    It'll be a shame if you call it quits with your reviews, but I ultimately respect your decision.

    1. I tried my luck with EqD, and they aren't really interested in my format.

      My friend Norman has been posting our podcast reviews on there since the Season started, and we have had quite a positive response. It won't get lost in a sea of mediocrity because our podcast has high quality audio, and it's divided between two people, so it won't be difficult to make it stand out.

      My reviews are just on hold, I'll return once the summer is over and in the meantime I'll focus my efforts on my drawing.

  5. By the way, the first half of your reviews usually contains a synopsis. If you feel the full review is too much, you could at least skip that part and just do the analysis, since it's the analysis that makes me come back each week. This would almost halve the review size and still contain your trademark content.

  6. With a bit of a heavy heart, I accept this.

    Good luck on all your future projects, James.

  7. Dude, you can't do this. I freakin' love your reviews, I read them everytime. Without them, I think like a part of me will be lost forever...

    Please, don't stop this :'(.

    1. No need to fret.

      I will be doing podcast reviews with my friend Norman, and I will post those here. They are faster, and don't take much out of my day to do. I need to prioritize, but nobody is shutting me down. I am just slowing down a bit.

    2. Yeahm but... your written reviews are so personal. It's what I love of them, it's clear in every paragraph how much heart you give while writing them.

      I just don't know id it will be the same in a podcast :(...

  8. I will be very sad to see you stop this. These reviews were always a joy to read especially in the sea of negative reviews some episodes had lately whereas these reviews were more positive. Podcasts aren't the same and if I have to listen to audio I'd rather just watch a review. You are the only one I know of who reviews in a written format and it's awesome. Will you maybe pick it back up someday down the line? When you're less busy perhaps?

  9. Always found these posts quite interesting to read.

    But if you need the time to do all the other things that you do, that is quite understandable.

  10. If you got to step back, do it! But I do have to admit I do enjoy reading your reviews as you seem to know what you are talking about. Reading your thoughtful and insightful reviews helps me think a bit differently about the episodes and it is always nice to look at the episodes bit critically for me but I always enjoy and like episodes of the show. Been here since your review of Wonderbolt Academy was posted in the nightly roundup on Equestria Daily and I will be waiting until you come back. Until then I guess I should check out those videos you mentioned.

  11. I will be sad to see your reviews go, even if only for a while. Aglow with wit, thought, and heart, they've been an essential part of my weekly 'post episode cool down' for a considerable period of time. However, I can respect your reasons for stopping, and even hang my head in shame a little (what does it say that, after over a year of regular visits to your blog, this is the first time I've bothered to post a response). So, as one of the ones who've not given you the feedback so richly deserved, you have my apologies.

    Thankyou for the reviews, and rock on!