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28 May 2014


Yeah, I don't think you guys are really freaking out about me not posting the remaining reviews for the episodes of Season 4 that came right after "Somepony to Watch Over Me", but I'm afraid those are still going to take a while to be produced.

You guessed it, this is another rumor control post! I'm sorry everyone, but I haven't had time to do one of these before. Why? Find the reason after the break!

Okay, first thing first, this blog isn't dead. It's on hiatus. There's not a day that passes without me wanting to sit down, write down an episode review, fill it with snark and rants towards the Brony Analyst Community, and crown the whole thing with a "I really enjoyed this episode, it sucks that you can't have fun with it".

The reason why I have been so busy I can't even squeeze some minutes to type down a sum up, or a quick overview of my opinions on the latest episodes is, once again, related to art. I have been working on commissions, art trades, requests, charity streams, and personal projects, of which you can see a small selection down below these lines.

You can check more of my art on my DeviantArt Gallery, my Tumblr, and my Ask Pony Blog, which all can be found below these lines.

These are just a few. I am also doing a Wild West comic called "Old Appleoosa: Tales from Eq-Westria", and it's six issues long. I am finishing Issue #3 and moving onto Issue #4, and this last one has around 30 pages. You can find the comic in progress bellow these lines.

On top of that, I am also a guest for BUCK, that is the Brony UK Convention. I will be doing an Ask Pony Tumblr panel, and I have to write the script for it, as well as plan things through along with my other four friends Captain Hoers (mod of Ask Fire starter Spitfire), Hazel Hooves (writer for Ask Britannia), Mecha Shockwave (mod of Ask Robot Octavia) and Sketchy Sounds (mod and writer for Ask Britannia). And also related to the convention, I am planning on selling some arts and crafts my mother and I are working on.



You might understand why I am leaving the review writing aside until everything has cleared out and I am back on track to a more normal and stable state of affairs. However, this doesn't mean the end of my ranting.

I have done episode reviews of every single episode released this Season along my friend Norman Sanzo from the MBS Show in podcast form. I will upload those as Norman releases them.

I am also streaming every now and then on my Livestream channel, where you can see me do artwork and rant about every single different topic you can imagine, from movies, to comics, to people, and not always is pony related stuff. I'm a nerd of many things, I don't just talk about pony (just mostly these days). You can check the video below these lines.

And that's the skinny of it. I really want to write episode reviews again, I really do. Let's hope I can clear my commission queue and get some stuff done before the year ends.

Until next time guys! Have a wonderful...month, I guess, I don't know when I will be able to write one of these again.


  1. It's all good, James. You deal with your priorities first.

  2. This. I'll keep checking this blog from time to time, so when you start writing reviews again, I'll be there. For now, though, I wish you the best of luck for your projects! It's awesome that you're a guest at BUCK. I was a volunteer there last year, it is a very well run and very fun convention.

  3. Thanks for the update, been wondering what happened to you.

  4. The art is really incredible! Good luck with everything. I may not comment regularly, but I always enjoy reading your reviews.

  5. I hope there will be S5 reviews.