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13 October 2011


I have been working since March in a Graphic Design Course that has ended a few days ago. For the Final Project of this course we were meant to do something related to print publications, whether it was a magazine, a book or a comic. The subject was free. My first plan was to make a magazine out of Equestria Daily and call it “Equestria Weekly”. Sadly, this would’ve caused me to go nuts trying to figure out what to do next and how to organize all the elements (we also had a three weeks time limit to do so). So instead of doing that, and champing my teacher’s motto “Simplicity is king”, I decided to make a book version of Fallout Equestria.

What follows is a visual record of the book in its final stage. I edited it and showed it to my teacher, but I didn’t print it until I got the approval of Kkat. I contacted Kkat in FurAffinity and received a very glad approval with a few words of advice. Being this a class project neither I nor Kkat will receive any profit from this work. Also, it won’t be published anywhere. This is the only copy that exists and that will exist. Consider this the “Wasteland Survival Guide” of the real World, if things didn’t work out for poor Moira.

Enjoy some pictures!

Doing the texture was easier than you may imagine.

It's of a very handy pocket size.

Seriously, ten minutes in photoshop and the texture was done. Easy as Pie.

And that’s about it. It took me two weeks to edit the whole thing and my teacher was incredibly pleased with the results. He didn’t mind the artwork or the writing though, since the subject was free for us, he just wanted us to make a good job editing it. I think I did alright, what do you guys think?

I want to make one last disclaimer.

I don’t own any of the drawings, vectors, writing or designs used for making this book, as well as the settings and characters created by Obsidian, Bethesda, Kkat and Hasbro. I want to thank the original creators of the art and the writing for this, and I hope I have featured they authority correctly and properly. I am getting no profit and no revenue for this project, being just a class project, and I in no way intend to publish or make this more public beyond this blog.

Thank you all for checking out this blog entry, and I humbly appreciate your opinions and comments.


  1. Great, Now someone is going to do this for the entire thing when it's finished, and probably Project Horizons too.

    Would buy (complete version).

  2. Wow.
    That is so amazing, it looks DAMN good.

  3. I'm planning to make a physical copy of this for myself when it's done. Someone already made a physical copy of Past Sins, and by god was it thick. I fear that I'll have to split it between multiple books.

  4. I have a compiled doc of the chapters so far set to go to the printers and at chapter 40 it was already around 1000 pages give or take based on book page size and layout. I also plan on having a physical copy made. I think I'll be doing my own artwork for the cover though. I might make two copies and send one to Kkat. You never know though in the next year or so Hasbro might finally give in and grant some sort of open license to authors so they can get their stories published for real. Not likely but one can hope.

  5. Do want. Massive do want.

    You, sir, are freakin' awesome for doing this xD

    I must say though, that I suspect the final outcome will be mindblowingly huge. I mean, the fic is already larger than the Lord of the Rings books, and still growing. xD

  6. Do want!
    You win my interwebs!

  7. I literally found myself chanting as I looked at the pictures with the text: "I want to own this book, I want to own this book". I have been thinking to myself for a while that I would buy a paperback version of FO:E if it was ever printed. To bad that will probably never happen :(

  8. MFW my map is the inside cover. O_O;

  9. Oh my goodness i think i would kill to retrieve that, even more so than for the black book of somethingorother

  10. shut up and take all my money

  11. I'd Wipe out the entire Enclave to get that.