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3 August 2012

Reasons why I shouldn't write for MLPFiM - Episode 3, Poor comunication kills the script


Fluttershy just stepped inside with three parasprites in her mane. She has given one to Twilight Sparkle, and the other two she has kept them with her.


Pinkie, do you want the other one?

Pinkie Pie.

(With revulsion)

Ugh! A parasprite? Are you kidding!?

Pinkie Pie walks towards the door.




Twilight Sparkle.

A para-what?


How could you not like-?

Pinkie Pie.

(Interrupting Fluttershy)

Is not that I don’t like them, I hate them!

Twilight Sparkle.

(Putting the parasprite down)

Wait a minute Pinkie. Have you seen them before?

Pinkie Pie.

In my farm! These critters ate everything they encountered! They eat and multiply all over the place!



That would explain why there are three now instead of one! The one I had ate an entire bucket full of apples!

Twilight Sparkle.

Oh no! This is a disaster! What do we do if these bugs multiply all over the place before the Princess arrives!?

Pinkie Pie.

Don’t worry! The best way to get rid of parasprites is music! I am going to gather as many musical instruments as I can to move these away from town before they do any damage!

Twilight Sparkle.

Great! Come on girls! Let’s go find these instruments!

What follows is a musical instrument searching montage that lasts for one minute. After this we see Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle move the parasprites away. With the threat and danger out of the way, the characters can prepare the party for Princess Celestia and worry about important stuff, like finding ribbons and making sure the cake looks good. The title credits music is the G3 My Little Pony theme song.

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  1. First part would make sense.

    Ending it with G3 is just cruel.