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24 November 2013


Hello everyone.

So, Season 4 is already here and it packs so much in its opener that I am left wondering if they fired their best shots already. If we are to believe Meghan McCarthy's words (and not going like Leonard Shelby in "Memento") it's possible that this is just the start of something bigger.

However, this post isn't about that.

My health and my work have put themselves in the way of me doing episode reviews as soon as the episode is released. I too realized that doing this is unfair towards the episode and those of you who read my articles. It takes a while for an episode to shimmer, settle down and grow on me, and my opinion can shift depending on how much time I dedicate to analyze and think on what I just saw. This means each review will come out at least one week after the episode is released, so I managed to gather information, get better pictures, and a much more solid opinion.

I hope to see you guys soon, with a lot of opinionated articles that I hope rustle a lot of jimmies and tickle your brains! Or perhaps I'll just write "meh" articles because maybe the episode was written by Merriwether Williams, we will see.

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  1. No problem! It's good that you're taking a while to formulate your opinion, in fact. Looking forward to next week's review!