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2 August 2011

And yet, even more Rarity!

I never thought I'd be posting so much fanart of a TV show about magical unicorns, rainbow-colored pegasi and pink ponies obsessed with parties. But yet again, here I go with more fanart. I'm trying to get my traditional art skills back to normal so this is what I do to warm up before getting on with comissions. The markers I use are not of the best quality, but they do have a nice and wide variety of colors. I'm also running out of paper to draw >_> and I am lazy enough to not want to go and get a new sketchbook before I leave. Starting the counter of 25 days before this bites me in the ass, NOW!

In the meantime, have some Rarity :3

I've got nothing...seriously, I just want to know what she's reading right now.

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