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3 August 2011

The Escher Exposition (Granada)

Well, it was...interesting. It wasn't bad by all means, but I can't hide my dissapointment. I expected a bit more interactivity and more sculptures. Was it so difficult to set up a recreation of the Penrose Steps so we could see that awesome effect from a certain angle? I guess only Christopher Nolan can afford that kind of quality. In the meantime, have some pictures I took on the exposition. They are in grey scale because I think it fits Escher.

 In case you don't see it clearly, those are fish and birds floating.

 The exposition itself was well structured. Sister cameo FTW!

 If you look carefully, you will see the thing at the end of .Rec

 This one was good. Mindbending and it made no sense whatsoever.

 This is the closest I got to the Penrose Steps.

 And this one's a classic too.

Infinite room of mothers, sisters and my gut.

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