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11 August 2011

More Pony Art!!!

I hate being away from my PC.

Seriously. I just realized how much I depend on that 6 year old piece of junk. It's my Millenium Falcon. It's my Nostromo. It's my Tardis. It's an outdated bunch of wires and circuits that keeps kicking ass. And I am complimenting my PC in this post about pony art because of the troubles I went through to get these two pictures edited. I am so re-scanning and re-editing these two when I come back.

In the meantime, enjoy some Fanfic Fanart and Filly cute time. Contrast!!!

Saving the funny description, this is my favorite moment of that fanfic. I really like when characters have their heads forced under water. It adds a lot of tension, especially when the character is likeable! Dashie was great in that fanfic.

 She has watched "The Rocketeer" recently.

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